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Hummingbird Havens

Hummingbird hotspots, havens, sanctuaries, feeding stations, and staging areas in the United States

GENERAL - This is a list of known locations that may offer the visitor an opportunity to see large numbers of hummingbirds and/or a significant number of species. This list was compiled by Larry Arnold in 1997, and some information may be out of date.

SCOPE - These are mostly places in CA, AZ, NM, and TX. Not all of these places use feeders, some are in the wilds: breeding/nesting grounds, major stopovers or staging areas along migratory routes, etc. Also, not all of these places feature thousands of hummers; some feature a particular species or a variety of species.

SOURCE - In most cases, data were collected by directly interviewing the persons who have established their hummingbird populations or, in the case of natural areas with no artificial feeders, by experiencing these in person. Some have worked for years (even generations), while others have experienced a very quick build-up in population size.

FINDINGS - Location and habitat are KEY to the number and/or variety of hummingbirds observed at these places, but many other factors affect day-to-day and year-to-year turn out of our smallest birds at these locations. Please be aware of this when you go.

MOTTO - Help stamp out Hummingbird Deprivation Stress Syndrome!!!


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern CA, 600,000 acres, breeders include Anna's and Costa's, migrants include Rufous and others, spring wildflower blooms are incredible mid-Feb thru April, phone 760-767-5311 or 619-767-4684

Arboretum at University of California, Santa Cruz, features breeding Allen's, Anna's, other species in migration, Hummingbird Day is Mid-March, have laid out a Hummingbird Trail, Australia Garden features Grevilleas (powerful attractant for hummers), 831-427-2998

Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Park in Palm Desert, botanical gardens represent ten different desert ecosystems, features a hummer garden, is an important breeding area for Anna's and Costa's, 760-346-5694

Mariposa Hotel-Inn, Mariposa, historic hotel, maintains several large hummingbird feeders, is in a beautiful setting at base of Sierra Nevada Mountains, 800-317-3244,

Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, features California native plant displays, is very birdee and attracts many Anna's, 760-436-3036,

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles, claims to be the largest botanical garden dedicated exclusively to California native plants, has many outstanding water features for birds (translates as ideas!). 909-625-8767,

San Diego Wild Animal Park, Escondido, several gardens host humplants, is host to CRES (Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species), many hummers on the grounds, typically Anna's, and Hidden Jungle Aviary may host several South American species of hums, 760-747-8702,

San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, hummer aviary/exhibit may host several South American species, Anna's are everywhere on the grounds, 619-231-1515, x4570 for Hummingbird Aviary,

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine, in Modjeska Canyon, feeding hummers was pioneered here in the 1920s by Mrs. Tucker using shot glasses containing sugar water, 12-acre site for educational use, features locally breeding species and spring/fall migrants, 714-649-2760


Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, offers very close looks at many hummingbird species in aviaries (depending on season), 520-883-1380,

Ash Canyon Bed and Breakfast, Hereford, is an incredible feeding station for many bird species, very peaceful one-of-a-kind sanctuary for hummingbirds that has recently featured Plain-capped starthroat, Lucifer, Berylline, White-eared, and others, 520-378-0773,

Beatty's Miller Canyon Apiary and Orchard Co, south of Sierra Vista, features 1000s of hummingbirds and the best mix of large/small species of hummers that I know of , offers B&B cabins, camping, orchard, trails, interesting mix of other wildlife, 520-378-2728,

Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, incredibly diverse flora and fauna (including 13 species of hummers on local checklists), fantastic scenery, humfeeders at many residences, also at Southwest Research Station (520-558-2396), USFS 520-364-3468, Visitor's Center 520-558-2221, Jasper Residence 520-558-2307

George Walker House, Paradise (near Portal), was a B&B in beautiful setting, 1000+ hummers at peak, 14 species, is under new ownership by birders who may be carrying on with feeding hummingbirds, phone was 520-558-2287. Please let me know of any new information about this site as it is a wonderful place!

Madera Canyon, near Green Valley, beautiful setting, features 15 species, camping nearby (USFS 520-281-2296) or stay at Santa Rita Lodge 520-625-8746

Paton Residence, Patagonia, bird-friendly yard situated in a very birdee area, several humfeeders attract as many as 13 species, possibly 2000 hummers at peak, this is the place to see Violet-crowns, 520-394-2340

Ramsey Canyon Preserve, south of Sierra Vista, 14 species of hummingbirds in a natural setting, other wildlife as well, 520-378-2785, B&B 520-378-3010

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, east of Sierra Vista, 13 species of hums on checklist, 1000 peak population, mostly Black-chins, hummer banding on site, good birding along desert riparian corridor, San Pedro House 520-459-2555

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO), Bisbee, has hummingbird feeders and features one of our gurus, Sheri Williamson (author of the Peterson Field Guide to Hummingbirds), talk to her!! 520-432-1388, or


El Malpais National Monument, Grants, huge stopover for northbound Broad-tails in May, dining on blooming Claret Cup and Paintbrush, a natural beauty, serenity, near Continental Divide (7000 ft), BLM 505-783-4774

Gandy Dancer B&B, Chama, many people feed hummers here, both at home and at businesses, scenic area,

Hummerfest at Rio Grande Nature Center, Albuquerque, features 100s of hummers in old bosque habitat, the Fest offers great talks (annually since 1994), and local expertise, 505-344-7240

Randall Davey Audubon Center, Santa Fe, breeding Broad-tails, nice hikes, natural setting, onsite orchards attract many other bird species, 505-983-4609

River Dancer Inn, Jemez Springs, birders welcome, in fall migration perhaps 5000+ hummingbirds (mostly Broad-tails), beautiful area of north-central NM, 505-829-3262

Ruidoso/Lincoln Area, hummers are everywhere during fall migration in particular (50%+ are Rufous) because humfeeders are everywhere in this area, beautiful scenery abounds!

Santa Fe Greenhouses, AKA High Country Gardens, Santa Fe, features demonstration gardens with regional native plants, 100s of hummingbirds are attracted without using any man-made feeders, annual hummingbird and butterfly festival, 800-925-9387,

Terrero General Store, Terrero (north of Pecos), uses mega-feeders (Big Gulps!) and attracts 1000s of hummingbirds of 4 species, mostly Broad-tails, 505-757-6193


Big Bend National Park, nature, camping, Lucifer nesting, Blue-throated overwintering, 915-477-2251

Davis Mountain State Park, Fort Davis, features camping and great birding, 15 species of hummers have been recorded, perhaps 8 as breeders? Contact the local expert, Kelly Bryan, 915-426-3337 or -3533

Fennessey Ranch, Bayside, offers general nature tours and hummingbird tours, features native vegetation (Turks cap, Scarlet sage), perhaps a significant staging area (flyway funnel?) for 1000s of hummingbirds in migration, property is 3300 acres, have recorded 400+ species, 512-529-6600,

Hummer/Bird Celebration, Rockport/Fulton, annually since 1989, meet 5000 hummer lovers! hear excellent speakers! tour hummer homes! Birding trips by boat, bus, you name it! Go there! Chamber of Commerce 800-826-6441

Kenedy Residence, Rockport, use 40+ smallish feeders, attract 2000 hummers at peak in Sept, get Buff-bellies and 5 other species, have B&B for birders, 512-729-7009

Prude Guest Ranch, Ft Davis, features many humfeeders, perhaps 500-1000 hummers of 15 species, cabins, RV park, 915-426-3201

Rio Frio Guesthouse, Rio Frio, in Texas Hill Country, features nesting Black chins, migrating Rufous and Ruby-throats, 1000+ hummers at peak, 210-735-1696

Texas Gems Hummer House, Christoval, Black-chin breeding area, sustained population of 3000 during Apr-Aug, other species in migration, on-site banding, B&B for humbirders, nationally advertised, can accommodate groups of 50 people, please call before going, 915-255-2254

THRU Program, contact for statewide information on Texas hummers, 512-389-4772


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